Jan ‘Nikolai’ Nelles is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin. 

His artistic practise oscillates between media and fine art, documentary filmmaking and cultural activism. It reflects on the absurdity of the human conditions and deals with issues arising through hegemonic and neo-colonial power structures and representations between the Global South and North as well as with the various facets of war and its aftermath. This artistic practice is research based and interferes in social infrastructures by misbehaviour performances or challenges institutions through civil disobedience, challanging the limits of the artistic freedom. He pursues a critical re-evaluation of actual cultural commons, the power of representation through material objects of other cultures, their digital image as well as the concepts of heritage and identity politics.

Since 2009 he often works as a artist duo with Nora Al-Badri. He graduated from Offenbach University of Art and Design in 2011. In the past he founded an independent ‘project space’ in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and co-founded a photography magazine. 

There work was featured at The New York Times, BBC, The Times, Artnet, Wired, Le Monde Afrique, Financial Times, Arte TV, The Independent, New Statesmen, Hyperallergic, Smithonian, Al Ahram, Egypt Today, Vice, Hürriyet, Dezeen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Spiegel Online, Heise, The Boston Globe, Dezeen, Archdaily, Polska, La informacion, De Volkskrant, Gizmodo, New Scientist, Popular Science, The Verge
...amongst others.

His works were granted by several institutions: Goethe-Institute, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IfA), German Federal Foreign Office and European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Curriculum Vitae 


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Istanbul Design Biennial 
The the work “Nuda Veritas” (ar: " الحقيقة العارية") from 2013 is curated by Anselm Franke to join the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016 within a groupshow relecting on the significance of wheat for the origins of society. 

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Hack4DK - Hack your heritage!  

The Statens Museum for Kunst / The National Gallery of Denmark invietes us to held the kick-off lecture and workshop at the annule Hack4DK event and conference on September 23rd to 25th in Copenhagen.

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Biennale Architettura 2016 - Venice Biennale for Architecture with V&A

Glad to announce the participation with “The Other Nefertiti” in ‘A World of Fragile Parts’, Special Project of Applied Arts Pavilion organized Victoria and Albert Museum London and realized by La Biennale di Venezia, starting at May 28th 2016, Sale d’Armi A, Arsenale.

“In ‘A World of Fragile Parts’, La Biennale di Venezia and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) explore the threats facing the preservation of global heritage sites and how the production of copies can aid in the preservation of cultural artifacts.

More information here

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SIPPA - Salon International des Professionnels des Patrimoines à Arles

Talk at SIPPA from May 25. - May 27.2016 in Arles, France.
More information you can find here.

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SAVVY Contemporary – Unlearning the Given
#NefertitiHack is part of the long night of ideas UNLEARNING THE GIVEN
Exercises in Demodernity and Decoloniality of Ideas and Knowledge

April 14th, 2016 | All night: 6pm-6am
SAVVY Contemporary | Plantagenstraße 31 | 13347 Berlin-Wedding
more info

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An exhibition at Uqbar, Berlin with collective works by Group Bouillon (Tbilisi) and Nora Al-Badri / Jan Nikolai Nelles (Berlin)

Opening: Friday, April 15, 2016, 7 p.m. with an introduction by Joanna Warsza
Finissage: Sunday, May 1, 2016, 3 – 8 p.m.
Duration: April 16, – May 1, 2016
Uqbar, Berlin

"The televangelist watched in disbelief in the mirror. Hesitantly, he raised his finger and his reflection gave him a truth. Convinced he pulled out a wad of cash, and added an extra $ 10 on the mattress."

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Talk at FOSSASIA in Singapore with the title "#NefertitiHack and Cultural Commons",
Mar 18.2016 at 11:30 at Marquea Theatre.
more info

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Lecture at Chaos Communication Camp 32c3
We were pleased to be invited at the greatest hacker convention from Chaos Computer Club to launch the 3D data of Nefertiti and to talk about the artistic intervention “The Other Nefertiti” in December 2015. You can watch the lecture “The Mummy Unwrapped. Cultural Commons durch Kunstraub” here in German or English.

From today on everybody around the world can access, study, print or remix a 3D dataset of Nefertitis head in high resolution. This data will be accessible without any charge under a public domain as a 100 MB downloadable STL-file. At this link you will find a torrent to access the dataset:

Visit our Nefertiti Hack Website to download 3D data from Nefertiti Bust. Or download torrent file directly.

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The Actuality of the Ancient – Talk in Cairo on “The Other Nefertiti

The panel discussion was a part of the exhibition „The Other Nefertiti“ and was initiated by the artists
Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles and supported by the Goethe Institute Cairo.

– Dr. Monica Hanna, Archaeologist American University Cairo
– Alexander Koch, KOW Galerie Berlin and Noveaux Commanditaires e.V.
– Prof. Susanne Leeb, Leuphana University Lüneburg
– Simon Njami, art critic, curator, author

You can watch the full recorded discussion on youtube here.

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Project contributors: Ajmal, Ali, Amer, Daniel, Hassan, Husam, Mohamed, Muhammad, Noor, Omar, Rami and Rawia.
With friendly support by Petra Rietz Salon Galerie and d’mage Berlin.

more info.. 

Spiegel Online „Ein Gegenstück zum Flüchtlingsporno“ Interview, 18.09.2015

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Existence in Transition
photo exhibition, group show Berlin, Germany

The photo exhibition “Existence in Transition” on the occasion of the “Conference on the Syrian Refugee Situation – Supporting Stability in the Region” at the German Federal Foreign Office. The exhibition aims to open up an additional perspective to what is usually presented by the media. Its concern is not a larger political context, or how to manage the high numbers of refugees. The subject of the exhibition is the Syrian citizen as an individual, the homeless, the displaced, whose dignity must be respected. The photographies by nine international artists and journalists depict the basic needs of people living in refugee camps, like shelter, supply of water, education and medical care. Above all the pictures artistically convey emotions or symbolic meanings that go beyond pure informational content. They offer the audience an understanding of the refugees themselves respectivily their situation within a shattered world. The collection of images is attempting to reduce the viewer’s inner distance towards the refugees and thereby is an appeal for humanity. The contributing photographers are: Bryan Denton (USA/Lebanon), David Gross (USA), Muhammad Hamed (Jordan), Randa Mirza (Lebanon), Jan Nikolai Nelles (Germany), Andrew Quilty (Australia/Afghanistan) and UNRWA (UN Relief Works Agency)

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6th International Sculpture Symposium Amman, Jordan

The wooden structure is located next to the headquarters of the security of the university of Amman. This location is chosen to create a relation between the piece and the people, who work there everyday. Furthermore it points out the context of a country like Jordan, which is surrounded by several violent conflicts.

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Artivists for Change
Thessaloniki, Greece

Invited through the ‚Artivists for Change-Program’ by the Goethe Institut to take part as an artist collectiv. Nora Al-Badri and me realized two intervention during the ‚4te Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art’ in Greece.

The first one was an Remake of the famous Bed-in by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. It took place in Thessalonikis city center shopping area in Egnatia St. and instead of protesting for World peace the artists bedded themselves for the freedom of consumption.


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Thanks to Sneaky Scanners, Anyone Can 3D Print a Copy of...

Artists 'steal' Queen Nefertiti bust by secretly scanning and releasing 3D printing data online
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"The copy in contemporary culture is both despised and feared"

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Guerrilla artists secretly 3D-scan Nefertiti's bust

Artists Have Secretly 3D-Scanned Nefertiti's Bust For Anyone to Print

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Arte Tracks  [ DE / FR and  ES / ENG subtitles ] on ‪#‎nefertitihack‬ and revealing insights of our upcoming project around the fiction and friction of a Tanzanian Dinosaurs in Berlin.

BBC Newsnight on “The Other Nefertiti”
(you can watch the show only from UK)

Interview by BR on heritage policies:

Nofretete für alle
Deutschlandradio Kultur, 25. Februar 2016, Länge 05:02 Minuten  [German]

Nofretete 3D für alle , Beate Barrein
NDRkultur, 28.12.2015, Länge: 03:30 [German]